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By Dr. Jana Brzobohata – Agape Czech Republic

We regard automatic drawing as a special ability or a gift that enables the drawer an extrasensory connection to various kinds of energies of physical, mental and spiritual bodies of a person. These energies cannot be gained through any intellectual realization. Various automatic drawings usually differ because of personal symbol forms used by drawers. From quality, amount and information accuracy point of view, it depends on a mental and spiritual level that a particular drawer has reached. It is possible to detect even very delicate energy flows in a human body, chakras as well as in the aura of a physical body and other invisible levels of mental and spiritual bodies of a person.

Notice : Dr. Jana Brzobohata stands at the cutting edge in the field of automatic drawing. We enclose some of her drawings as an appendix here. She is a co-author of several books on spirituality and healing in The Czech Republic.


The state after drinking a glass of the activated water

The state of aura and chakras on person with a lowered defensiveness - here.

The impact of ET on a physical body after 5 minutes of strengthening

Note: Dr. Jana Brzobohatá´s automatic drawings also prove a deep interconnectedness between the ET and the world of angels. The ball enables everybody to find a connection with Angels on many levels. It has been described here how, in fact, angels affect humans.

The impact of ET on a mental body after 5 minutes of strengthening

ET can be used to protect against all kinds of geopathic stress zones and pathogenic zones

Note: Geopathic stress zones and harmful radiations should not be both overestimated or underestimated. You will find an article on how to use the ET in this respect here.